5 Most Successful Squarespace Food Bloggers

Ok so "best" is an annoying word that bloggers use to get your attention. Did it work? 

We have chosen five of our favorite successful food bloggers to showcase for a few reasons. FIRST being, if I get one more client, friend, person etc telling me you cannot be a successful food blogger on Squarespace I send them AT LEAST these folks. Success here ladies and gentlemen is of course my own (meg's) determination, not measured by a mark of income,  or by awards (although most of these guys have quite some distinguishable awards. 

The Best Squarespace Food Bloggers

Let's look at WHAT they are doing with their posts and content that makes them stand out shall we? I even gathered up a bunch of Swiss Chard as a foodie bouquet ;)

 Going from top ---> right --> bottom we have My Name is Yeh, What's Cooking Good Looking, Dolly and Oatmeal, Seven Spoons and Amanda Fredrickson. 


My Name is  Yeh - Molly Yeh. Probably one of my all time favorite bloggers for a few reasons. She never swayed from who she is, what she likes and where she comes from. This is oh so clear and all of her work, and it makes her incredibly lovable. Believe it or not, she was new to the food blog scene when I was, so she's had a HELL of a few years. Best Blog of the Year from Saveur, a Forbes 30 under 30, an incredibly successful cookbook ... I could go on and on.

dESIGN and style:

The design and style of this site is CONTENT FORWARD. You are going to hear this a lot in this post, so just bear with me. The design is clear, it's sparse. Minimal on the edge of not much design over being minimal. The focus goes RIGHT to the content, left fixed sidebar and navigation, content and photos that are dreamy. After that however, design success isn't really what Molly is known for (call me Molly - I know Nico Muhly (if you count knowing OF him when I was in HS with him lol - she will get this if she reads this

My point is here is that you don't NEED a fancy blog design to be successful as a blogger. It's not needed, and she has had one HECK of a career so far. I bet if she hired someone to help her take this website to more of a portfolio blog feel she could SKYROCKET her website to be more of a portfolio view than just being able to see the latest posts on the blog.

Things to take away: content forward! 

Dolly and Oatmeal - gosh do I adore this site. More than Molly's content this is where my foodie heart just soars. As largely plant-based for her recipes (aka: vegan) a vegetarian can count that most likely the ingredients are all veg compliant. Also a successful Saveur blog awards star, cookbook author and oh so many more accolades, you can tell a gorgeous photo from Lindsay anywhere. It has a sense of moodiness and quiet, while not being unsaturated that I always hope my photos have. 

dESIGN and style:

The design of this site DOES surpass SO many food bloggers on Squarespace - and I almost included Lindsay's blog in the upcoming best designed blogs on SS instead of here. Like Molly's blog, D&O is on a retired template in Squarespace, but could be achieved using Five, or Brine with some tweaks and adding a sidebar (learn more about this in our SS Food Blog Resources post today). I still want to organize the HECK out of the recipe index here, same as Molly's it's just text links. The focus her is on bold minimal typography and CONTENT, yup, I said it again. This blog's design is content forward. ALL food blogs here are going to be that way because the major way they earn income is by showcasing their work in blog form!

Things to take away: content forward, great hierarchy for recipe posts 

Seven Spoons - If you haven't heard of Seven Spoons, or their recent cookbook and call yourself a foodie in any sense,  you have been living under a rock. Sorry, it's just true. Their new cookbook is supurb and shouldn't be missed!

dESIGN and style:

These guys are also on the retired template train like many of these sties, which goes to show ... what? Clean design + content works. The end. They use great hierarchy for their recipes, even without numbered lists. The all caps sectioning works greatly beautifully. No one said it had to be flashy to be great typography. I love the way this book is designed by the way, and think they should implement this "branding" right into their site. The boxed title/navigation sections would look stunning in web form.  Tara is using summary galleries for the recipe section, which is a great improvement for us visual types who aren't fan of text-only lists. The archive block works, but this would be a great example of a place where the tabbed navigation plugin from Square Studio would be a tremendous idea! 

Takeaways: Great typography doesn't need to be flashy and of course CONTENT FORWARD!

What's Cooking Good Looking - Jodi's blog! First, I am a big fan of Jodi! We have talked Squarespace before on Skype and I know we both love the platform. Jodi's work is so lovely, it's minimal and natural without feeling forced, which is a miracle in today's blogging world! 

dESIGN and style:

Jodi is using the Five template for her blog ---> the tell is the footer under the blog posts with the icons ;) Which is one of the best flexible templates that has a sidebar. I always suggest it to those who must have a sidebar and are not good at coding. Jodi does an interesting thing with her recipes, that the ingredients are in non-list form (probably a shift-return to get a carriage-return or line break) and then the directions/instructions/method are in bullet point form. 

Takeaways: Five is a great template you can use to get a look like Jodi's on Squarespace and content forward!

Amanda Fredrickson - the only one of the listed bloggers here to be on a SS template designed in the last few years, Amanda is newer to the freelancing food blogging gig, but she made a big splash when she entered the scene. Don't worry she has quite the resume and has great insta-stories on Wednesdays - Fridge Foraging! I love to see how other people think, and seeing what's in other's fridges is like my nosy-ness in foodie form.

dESIGN and style:

Amanda’s blog is THE most organized out of the bunch, and it helps she’s on a newer template. She has the opportunity to use a grid based layout for her blog that combined with the intro section on the top, the archive drop down and a search blog. This is a pretty ok method with us (ahem site showcase page). It’s a great way of making it content forward with some blog navigation. Don’t miss her video page if you love those fast motion food videos that you see on facebook all the time.

Takeaways: New templates have features that are WORTH designing in for organization. Now with the new brine sidebar plugin, you can have your cake and eat it too. oh… and content forward.

That's all for now folks! What do you think of these super successful food bloggers on squarespace! Do they inspire you to start a food blog of your own?