Best Food Blogging Squarespace Resources

OK, so you have your neutral dishware, lighting, backdrops and accessories galore... but what about the "other" accessories for your web presence. How can you boost your Squarespace food blog?

Squarespace Food Blogging Resources

Squarespace Plugins and Add Ons.


1. SquarePlugins

Back to Top Button for some of you prolific bloggers, this is key! Scrolling all the way back up to find the next recipe is annoying ;)

Info Pop Up Do you always want to add in tons of extra info, maybe nutritional facts or extra data! This is a hover pop up.

Tab Navigation This is a perfect way to organize information. For those who feel like their content is 

Video Lightbox For those who are video bloggers, sometimes it's easier to have a video open up in a lightbox via a button instead of a grid gallery. 



2. - Sidebar Plugin

Can you say REVOLUTIONARY!? First, congrats to Ras for designing this for those of us who sat down and attempted this same thing and gave up saying someone else can spend their time figuring out how to make it easy for others not just us design/techy types. Add a sidebar to JUST the blog, just a blog main page, or even just on pages. This is a per/site one time use license so be sure to know that before purchasing. It's worth every cent if you have a client who wants a sidebar and you want to use pacific/brine. Trust me.

Check it out here!



3. SquareFoodie

Our own new venture that just launched, all resources for food bloggers all the time. Our first class is all about recipe formatting - from SEO to CSS and Google Recipes.


In the coming weeks we are adding a full resource center to SquareFoodie so check out the site to find more soon!