Congrats! A Winner for the SSDG Giveaway!

I know, I know, all you want to find out is who the winner is! First, I do want to say that us here at SSDG are so happy that you all entered. It is truly an honor to see so many people enter to win a one-year membership, plus our two favorite courses.

It is really exciting to announce that our giveaway winner is: Gillian T!! We have reached out to you via email to announce your awesome winnings via the email you entered. If you haven't received it please let us know.

Don't fret for those who didn't win, there are still tons of ways you can join the community. First and foremost, make sure you submit your site designs.

The next thing you can do, is take advantage of the discount we are offering. Purchasing an annual membership with the discount is essentially 70% off of the quarterly price. Just think about the amount of info that gets you, it gets 12 mini courses, plus four one-one sessions with Meg (our Creative Director). For those who aren't sure yet about joining, consider one of our courses, CSS is by far our MOST popular course. It's a great way of getting your feet wet with more complex squarespace edits, instead of purchasing code at shops, we teach you how to dive into the code and create the styling yourself!

Congrats to the winner, we can't wait to share more of the community with you!

Meg S.Comment