Designer Interview - Dannie Fountain

Designer Interview with Dannie F. from LE Consulting

Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you this awesome lady's designer interview. She's the creative mind behind a full marketing studio as well (be sure to read her awesome blog posts) as well as behind Side Hustle Gal! Fiercely awesome and always up for a project, Dannie is an incredible contributor to the Squarespace Design Guild. Be sure to check back in later, she's not just an awesome person, but an incredible blog author, we have some fun posts coming your way later this week from Dannie!

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How Long Have You Been Designing? I've been "officially" in business since 2012, but you know how this goes - I've been freelancing since 2009.

What Brought You to Squarespace?: Squarespace is a phenomenal platform and provides a very user friendly experience for clients. I made the transition because I love my clients' reactions when they look at the back end and feel relieved at how easy it will be to make update to their website.

Do you design exclusively on Squarespace? If so why? If not... why!!?: Do I design exclusively on Squarespace? Yes. If a client has a design project, I always start and finish it on Squarespace. However, I also have coding skills that allow me to take on client work editing Wordpress sites (such as the work I did for A Southern Soiree .

Current Favorite Squarespace TempLate?: My current favorite Squarespace template is Marquee - it's what LE Consulting's site is made on. I've had an opportunity to really dive in and get to know the template. While it's not as flexible as other templates, like Five, it really does awesome things!

Most Used SS Template for CLIENTS?: My most used SS template for clients is actually Adirondack! I've been doing more product-focused design work lately, so it just makes sense.

Is your studio full time? Or are you a side-hustler?: I'm a side hustle gal all the way - ironically I'm working on a project for all of us Side Hustle Gals out there. I work 7-4 in the professional world and 4-10 on LE Consulting.

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?: I would be a travel writer! Traveling is my passion and I enjoy blogging, so combining the two would be a dream.

When did you know you wanted to work in a creative field?: I knew creative work was for me in my freshman year of undergrad. All my life, I'd said I wanted to be a corporate lawyer. Dartmouth was going to be where I went to school. I ended up at Albion College (a private liberal arts school in Michigan) and after my first public policy class, I knew there was no way that law was right for me.

Favorite background music/podcast/tvshow when working?: Background music while working is Sara Bareilles all the way. My current TV show background is Grey's Anatomy (I just started it from the beginning!).

Tea or Coffee?: Coffee all the way! I'm a year round Starbucks Peppermint Mocha drinker.

What's your favorite site ever designed? WHY?: The one I'm working on currently - for a motivational speaker based in Chicago. This one is going to challenge me the most I've ever been challenged both technically and creatively.

What feature/edit do you hope SS makes in the future? : I hope that Squarespace adds in a feature that allows you to create your own content block and use it across templates. For example, on almost every site I do, I build a similar Press "mentions' block. I'd love to be able to save that instead of duplicating all the work every time.

What's your favorite SS trick??: I honestly don't have a favorite trick - I've been learning all kinds of new tricks in the Squarespace Design Guild and I've been too busy trying them out to have a favorite. If I absolutely had to choose, it would be the blog post author block trick.

Any hopes or dreams for Why did you join?: I joined the Squarespace Design Guild for the community and the resources - it's paying off in leaps and bounds so far!