Designer Interview | Meet Lucinda!

Our latest designer interview is with one of our very own team members. Luci B or Lucinda Burgess-Farwell is a creative VA, she is invaluable around here, keeping us on our toes with the back-end creative management, while also being a kick-ass squarespace lady designer.

Squarespace Design Guild Interview | Lucinda Burgess-Farwell Creative VA and Designer at  byLucinda Creative VA

Studio/Company Name: byLucinda

How Long Have You Been Designing?: Around a year and a half! I actually taught myself the ins and outs when I moved my own site to Squarespace last Spring.

What Brought You to Squarespace?: I looooooove the drag and drop interface, and how it reacts so fluidly with CSS. It's a developer AND client friendly UI which is hard to come across for a platform that creates such beautiful results.That and the fact that it sponsors all my favourite Podcasts and Youtubers, which could only mean great things.

Do you design exclusively on Squarespace? If so why? If not... why!!?: Yes! I had to use during various projects for university and despised how restrictive it was. $30 to add your custom domain, even if you already owned it? NAH! Plus, whilst I can read HTML pretty well, I struggle with writing it. So has always seemed a little daunting to me. CSS is my best pal, and it couples with my aesthetic designing method very well, so SS was perfect!

Current Favorite Squarespace Tempalte?: I've just moved my own site from Hayden to Pacific and I love it! Index pages are gorgeous.

Most Used SS Template for CLIENTS?: Pacific or Hayden.

Is your studio full time? Or are you a side-hustler?: It's full-time! Whilst I run my biz, byLucinda Virtual Assistant, as a VA, I offer design packages as well as general biz management and upkeep. Clients love it, in their words, I'm a bit of an all-rounder!

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?: Beyoncé's tour buddy. Or professional puppy/kitten carer.

When did you know you wanted to work in a creative field?: It took about a year of working in a dead end office admin job to realise how creatively stunted I felt. I left my very well paid but incredibly dull job to go to university to study a creative degree and launched my business full-time before graduating!

Favorite background music/podcast/tvshow when working?: Right now I'm obsessed with The Black Tapes podcast for getting me through the work day. But if it isn't that, it's either the Dynamic Banter or Lady to Lady podcasts. Or basically any reality TV.

Tea or Coffee?: Coffee 'til I die.

What's your favorite site ever designed? WHY?: I'm currently working on a site for my coach/best friend/ex-day job manager! We decided I would re-design her site whilst she was over for a prosecco filled sleepover. Yes, really. She's been invited to compete in the Cartier Women in Business awards and was (slightly) embarrassed by her current website. In her words, it needed a woman's touch. We paused Netflix and spent hours on Pinterest together, and this month it's set to launch!
I love it because it embodies her perfectly. Her aesthetic, her personality and warmth, and the calmness her work brings to others. I'm so excited to show her the end result!

What feature/edit do you hope SS makes in the future? : Integrated membership portals would be amazing, or Zapier integration!

What's your favorite SS trick??: Creating parallax image backgrounds or drop shadows on indexed pages *heart eye emojis*

Any hopes or dreams for Why did you join?: It's already inspired me in terms of design ideas for future projects! Seeing some tweaks here and there in others' creations gets my design mind juices flowing!