Finding the Right Template - The Ultimate SS PDF

This site is all about the community, and last week we showcased the great new site one of our members has relaunched for her business! Kadie however, has done something even cooler than her site, which is the research you have been waiting for! 

One of the hard things about squarespace template choice if you haven't tested them all is figuring out which ones have what features, from clients that need sidebars, to figuring out which templates have feature galleries, or specific index types. 

When it comes down to it, changing a template in the middle of a design project can be re-adjusted but you could easily lose 4-5 hours in switching everything over. At least! That's if you have a set plan :/ So making sure the template you are looking for has the most flexibility possible is truly key. This is why so many of my sites use Five, the majority of my bloggers want a sidebar. {I think we need to talk about that in its entirety right? - Maybe we should do a webinar on how a well designed site makes a sidebar irrelevant?! Yeah?} That doesn't mean your client doesn't want a sidebar however, so you forgo your new love of the new blogging templates and climb back towards Hayden, Five, Bedford, Om or Avenue... 

Out of those I prefer Five and Avenue, but my eyes were opened the other day by OM. Yes, OM! I was legit shocked, because I had never thought to even open the template based on the sample site. It was not clear even remotely that there were so many flexible features. When was the last time you heard of a site built in OM? No... Seriously! It was flexible, yet editable, and perfect for my client building her graphic design site for portfolios, since it has a site portfolio section, she will easily be able to add to her portfolio index like Avenue and some of the new templates that have this feature as well.

I was in a MUST CHANGE THIS SITE TODAY bind, and I got a little #slack notification. Boom! Kadie had let us know she had completed her new Squarespace template guide. Oh this guide, I read through the keys and then dove straight into the content, that is where I realized how awesome OM is, in fact so flexible I was able to show my client that if she wanted to change things in the future herself she could change her logo location, something that is missing in many templates. Not all logos fit on Left or Right or Center only, sometimes we dont want to change our template to let our logo shine a bit more.

So! Now you get to go grab this amazing pdf over on Kadie's site.

Kadie is quite the squarespace powerhouse and I couldn't be

more thrilled that his community brought us together!