Intro to SquareFoodie

I am so excited to share with you a project that has been multiple years in the works (mostly in my brain) then a few attempts to start up, which never felt quite right. This spring, when I simplified the branding, and went back to my roots of what I like for design, it all sort of fell in place, and I can't wait to share with you SquareFoodie!

Food Blogging on Squarespace

Food blogging.

It's this weird genre of the internet, where we all can connect to in some way or another. The food blogging world is saturated with food blogs, but great food blogs ones that tick the box for great layout, great content, great writing, innovation, not too many ads etc. comes down to a few key things, half of them being design.

What's interesting is that design is the LAST thing that most think of when they think of a the profession of food blogging. Usually it's photography, SEO, rankings, submissions, affiliates, ads, sponsored posts, and then maybe after all of those things are set, they think about design. 

The majority of our current audience here at SSDG are designers, we know the power that design and organized web design can bring to a great site and brand. We're the ones that click out of a site the minute it gets annoying. So let's talk about the design aspects of food blogging on Squarespace. It's NOT the "choice" of those who speak out about food blogging, but that doesn't mean you can't be successful on the platform.

So what's to come?

This week we are going to OVERLOAD you with content, from discussions on where the money comes from in food blogging, to recipe posts, recipe archives, printing recipes, food blogging SEO, our favorite food blogging resources from photography to code, our favorite designs and templates for food bloggers on Squarespace, and multiple round up posts about food bloggers on Squarespace. Yeah, we are publishing it all in one week. Why? Because we have something really fun launching all week long and you won't want to miss it. Here's our schedule!

posts this week will be at 8am, 11am and 3pm respectively!


  • Intro to SquareFoodie Week (this post!)
  • Elements of a Food Blog 101 
  • Why is Food Blog Design Important?


  • Site Showcase - Summerfield Delight (my own food blog) we will be talking it's transformation over the years as well and why I chose the final design.
  • Formatting Recipe Posts for Squarespace 
  • Where's the Money in Food Blogging?


  • Examples of Food Blogs in Squarespace
  • How to Make Sure Google is Reading Your Recipes
  • Food Blogging Resources 


  • Site Showcase Premade Foodie Options!
  • Printing Recipes on Squarespace
  • Best Squarespace Food Bloggers Round-Up


  • Best Designed Food Blogs (and why they work!)
  • Creating Recipe Indexes in Squarespace
  • Best Plugins/Tools for Squarespace Food Bloggers


  • Great British Bake-Off on Squarespace Round-Up!
  • Designing Food Blogs (desginer edition) - how to work with food bloggers
  • Summmary Post for the Week Plus a Special Announcement!