Happy 1st Birthday SSDG!

Square Design Guild | Celebrating our One Year Birthday!

Happy Birthday SSDG

Warning- Sappy Post!

Can you believe that this little project here is only a year old? It’s almost unbelievable when I think about the past year, this just is almost shocking.

When milestones pass, we of course sit down and think about the past year, whether it’s NYE our birthday or an anniversary. In this case this little brain fart/project/insanely brave moment I had is now a full year old. That thought truly boggles my mind. A year ago, I had this idea for a group, this idea for how I could teach people, an idea that if it went well I could spend the time I wanted to really creating the content I wanted to - and it did. To my surprise, and delight more than 35 people have been members, even more in workshops and webinars, and countless more submitted sites, written emails with, purchased courses and more. 

I think after a year, I’ve learned you can’t really plan things for a group like this one. What I have absolutely come to know is that technology and platforms change at a pace that is almost hard to keep up with, so planning too far in advance is legit crazy. I am so thankful that this random thought I had turned into somewhere that has even helped or inspired one person. That’s all you need right? Back in college I was doing this horrible event planning, for an event no one wanted to go to and our budget was almost zero. One of the staff said to me, “It’s not about an event for everyone, it’s an event for those who want it.” I forgot that a wonderful party can be a couple of people (don’t worry we had a good turn out), and can be a group of many more. They are just different - not bad. I try to keep that in mind when doing anything for SSDG. I always try to keep that human connection to us actual designers, sitting whether in an office, on a dorm bedroom, in the library, home office - wherever, and would this tidbit of knowledge help someone? I’d rather post LESS than more that feels un-authentic.

I am sure my VA and other helpers would really like it if I just posted things that ran up the SEO, or focused on sales, but we are not about that here. I truly believe in our content and hope you feel the same. We are always taking suggestions from member and changing the courses/schedules due to what people needed. 

For example, I said I would NEVER do a mobile css class because I hate it. But don’t others hate it as much as I do? So many member questions and emails later, it was just something I had to sit down and write/record. No ifs/ands/buts about it - just get err done. 

Things I do want to accomplish (in the next year):

  • pull down the process course and give it a little makeover
  • ditto on CSS, but with a few additions to take with you.
  • have some more workshops/live events for non-members
  • brush up our free resources for y’all! 
  • have a potential IN Person Event! WHAT?! Yeah (think Spring 2018)

So thank you all here involved in the community. Shout out to my members who have been here a full year Y’all really make me smile on a daily basis! To all of the friends and family that have supported this little crazy venture, and to the new ones we have all made! Thank you for your support and I can’t wait to see what is to come. It’s made my upcoming birthday feel less daunting (30 was fine 31 feels ancient).

What would you like to see from us in year two?

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