Inspiration for This Site

COMMUNITY: It's what a lot of us have been talking about in the design world. From Facebook groups to entrepreneurial sites, the design world has exploded in the past two years with these groups to convene and discuss business. It's great to be able to talk the ins and outs of the online world of being your own boss, but at what point does the community become less helpful, the moment you really need resources and have questions. 

SQUARESPACE: Let's be honest, we don't need to write posts about our love of squarespace, there's enough of those out there, but what really is needed is the exploration of that it means to share a platform not for our own sites or blogs but how to best utilize that in business.

RESOURCES: Let me guess, you took on your first squarespace client, unsure about how to process the iffy waters of a self-hosted platform, and learned by just sheer gumption and experience how to integrate that into your business? There's no sharing platform, or way to talk about client sites on squarespace, this is what you will find in the guild. From worksheets for clients to worksheets for your own process. 

A VOICE: The other thing we really need is a unified voice, not as individuals, but together as one to work with the community and create a space where we can refer clients, find best practices and more.


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