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Squarespace Design Guild | The Squarespace Process Series - Intro

We have some exciting news around here, and that is ... we are releasing our summer membership content as courses available to the public!

This summer we had two months where our content was much more robust than usual. We decided to take it back to the roots, the basics. The first thing we wanted to do was talk about designing for squarespace as a whole. As a designer are you following guidelines or a process for each client? We know this is how you streamline clients, but does it work with squarespace? Hell yes it does! I have developed and taught my process to lots of designers, showing that creating a foundation at the beginning of the project makes the rest go much more smoothly. 

In the next week I am going to share with you the top three mistakes designers make in creating a process that hinders their design. Join us while we discuss those top three mistakes, and answer some faqs like these below.

FAQs from Designers:

Q) What do you do if your client doesn't like the template during the design stage?

A) This rarely happens because we have not only developed a reason to choose that template, but also gone through a wire-framing stage where they can see the features and the function.


Q) I feel like at the end of the project, I have an enemy as a client instead of a great friend. how do I remedy dreading an email from them to edit yet another thing, and have to explain to them they are out of revision rounds?

A) The answer to this one is clear. Ask yourself how are you presenting the site, and how are you then communicating with your client about the process. Are you really developing a system, or letting them create a crazy method on their own? 


What are the top mistakes I am making to get my client to send me content for their site!?

A) The key to this is create a process! Yes, another process. It seems annoying and over the top, but these things work, instead of thinking of it as a process maybe you can consider it a path to client-happiness. Give them examples of what you are expecting, as well as options for how to deliver information, also make sure this part is custom, clients need a little hand-holding during this stage.


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