Introducing Squarespace Quandaries

Introducing Squarespace Advice Column

Quandaries. The complex questions. The multi-faceted answers. The Discussions. A lot of this takes place in our Slack group for our community, but we also receive TONS of questions for questions via email, so we want to answer them in a way that opens up these questions to the larger community. 

We are going to be intermittently answering questions VIA video! So your questions like "I don't know what to do with my footer design" or "What template do I choose" will be answered not in text form with further research required, but an open discussion.

Our first week we planned to dig into this a bit further set up a video where we could talk to the camera, but a nice Sinus infection plus my (Meg) family needing a bit of attention this week due to Hurricane Maria (my mom's family is from St Croix and we have property and renters there whose home and our home was destroyed). So we were a little distracted. BUT we have our first video in our first post. We will keep them tagged here, but you can always filter by category by clicking on the listed category on the blog list page. 

HOW TO SUBMIT: We will take questions via email via instagram message, but most likely to be answered via our Squarespace Quandaries submission section!