Our Upcoming LIVE Workshop!

Live Workshop for Squarespace Design Guild


Hi Squarespace Kiddos!

This is an exciting email to go out ladies and gents! I have been hemming and hawing for a while now about doing something to do with design + squarespace put together, not just leveraging your skills, and how to's for your designs, but something that gives a behind the scenes look at a Squarespace Expert going from Illustrator Mock-up to Actual Site Implementation - LIVE!

So, Next Friday, we are doing a full live workshop, where I will take two of the pages from my upcoming site re-design for www.megsummerfield.com and implement them fully. We will be working in the Brine template, and working on a full homepage, that will include some testimonials, sliders, mini portfolio, and great index design solutions, as well as an about page that is dynamic, interesting and fun.


A few FAQs for this workshop:

Is it paid? Yes, this was originally only for Members as part of their member content for the month of December, but we are opening it up to the public.

What do I get? You get to watch me go from mock-up to final two page implementation from file-uploading, css edits and more to see how someone else works, which --- is pretty awesome!

Do you get the code I use? Members will receive a few bonuses with this workshop, including the exact code I use, plus a few templates for using illustrator mockups for a similar site design. The best part is if you sign up to be a member in the month of December, you too will get these awesome bonuses!

Can we ask questions throughout the workshop? Absolutely! I will do my best to not only answer questions along the way, but also answer every last question after the session is done. Meaning this could last a long time! We will keep the topic to designing in squarespace, and to this project, but any questions are welcome.

Can I rewatch the workshop? Yes! We are using our favorite webinar site, Crowdcast, which means you can easily go back and watch it time and time again. This also means for those who can't make it live, you will get to watch the replay, but also be able to go in before-hand and ask your questions in the chat/questions boxes.

More questions? Send us an email! admin@squaredesignguild.com


Members: You will be receiving info on how to log-in before the session time.

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