Squarespace Developments: Never Say Never

I want to give a bit of a shout out to some of the incredible other squarespace masters who have helped in shaping not only the field for us designers, but showing the world what is possible with a platform that many claim "squarespace can't do that function".

Shout out to Jason Barone, the face of Squarefront, and his great new video for a pop-up overlay. Much of this is way over most designer's heads, but its worth watching to see that with a little bit of creativity and understanding of web development you run down the checklist of things that "squarespace cannot do".

So be sure to check out Jason's newest video - and also make sure to check out the ending 5 mins which I think are in a separate video.

Thanks Jason, for keeping it real, and keeping everyone on their toes in progressing the SS field. Make sure you watch the rest of his videos if you are considering learning more about SS developer. It will sure get your creative web gears moving in your brain.