Squarespace Resource Review: SqspThemes Accordion Tabs

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Plugin Review: SqspThemes Accordion Tabs

In our preview/introduction post HERE, I mentioned I wasn’t going to post about things we don’t like, but instead focus our attention on spotlighting solutions that are the best of their kind.

What: The Accoridain Tabs Plugin from SqspThemes.

What does it do? The concept is that you are creating tabs of content on a page, that separates them out into what looks like a file folder structure. This particular plugin, gets five stars, shooting stars or whatever you want to call it because once installed a client with moderate to little coding knowledge could easily follow steps to implement another one on their site. The content pulls from index pages - the page titles then representing each tabbed title, so the client doesn’t have to work with code blocks except the one time adding of the code which is ONE line for adding it - and easy enough for them to duplicate and create another instance. The concept is genius, because it allows the client to mostly deal with things they know - blocks, indexes, page titles and one url slug, so with that, you can easily hand over this kind of content to your client and know they will be able to figure it out. With many others you have to insert a code block or markdown at each beginning/end of the tab, which can be confusing for the client to duplicate on another page.

I have tried a few different solutions from multiple developers for this style of feature, and I can say this one is the one I trust THE MOST. I started out using it on my own site, and then had clients use it and successfully edited their content with ease.

Accordian Tabs Plugin for Squarespace

Accordian Tab Demo from Site

this is the desktop basic design

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 12.36.59 PM.png

Mobile View of Tabs

how the tabs translate on a mobile device

Usability - Edit Ease

This is the best iteration of this style of plugin I have used, because of the easy edits for clients. While most similar options you can have whatever blocks within the tabs, this goes a step further, to have the content pull from index pages, which makes it easy to understand for the client. This is so key, even to change the tab title, it’s just the page titles within the index, and to duplicate the content on another page, it’s a one-line code block to copy/paste. I am confident my clients can repeat this with a simple how-to.

Usability - Flexibility of Use

One of my favorite parts of this plugin is the interactive edit styling for css edits that don’t require direct css writing. Because of that, you can restyle the features to work in a ton of different ways, from category styling for bloggers, to tabs for additional information for product pages, there’s a lot of potential with this, that have been given great design potentials to be unique for your client with little tweaking.

Usability - Installation

For a non-designer this install might be really confusing at first, but after the first of SqspTheme’s plugins, they are all done the same way. Adding files, and a short script, they also have custom install for those who are unfamiliar with these things, but now that we are familiar with it, we LOVE the simple and easy install that stays consistent across their work.

In conclusion, you can’t go without this plugin as a designer, so head right on over to sqspthemes.com and make sure you get the business license for this little guy. I promise you, this is going to come in handy within your business. If you are looking for more inspiration on how to use this creatively within your projects, check out our accompanying post HERE on design and creativity using this plugin.

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