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Remember I said I would show you an example of a resource you would get? 

Today in the complex blogging world, there is often more than one author to a site. Sometimes there are guest contributors, editors, or maybe we are just showcasing another blogger's work. It's important that they get the attribution, they probably did some hard work, and deserve to be given a clean and authoritative profile on the post. Right now, you can add an image, and go through the hard annoying process of adding it in each time, finding it whether saved on your site, or on the commuter, it's annoying. 


My alternative is a carousel gallery, one that doesn't ever rotate. If you fit the content directly within the span of the content you can create something more like a table slice than a gallery. Think about it. The options are seriously endless (well, ok maybe not endless). But think, you want to write in the sidebar and have fb and insta icons directly next to each other. Use a carousel gallery! Maybe there is a section in each blog post where you want it to click on the image and come up with a new page, but the other half goes to social media. 

The reason why I love this solution for something like an author profile is that it's easy to build, requires only a little text editing in a simple ai template, and then there are ways to alter the links. You could build in lots of options into your version! 

Check out the quick video to see how to apply the gallery!


1. Design

Take the template and open it up in illustrator. Edit colors/fonts/add icon to adhere to your brand guidelines. There are lower locked layers, so if you can't figure out how to find them, go to window> layers> and click the lock button to release them. Then once set, LOCK them so you never mess them up. Then File > Save as Template and Save in your Illustrator Templates for future use.

When you open up the template to design each time, it opens a brand new file, allowing you to adjust without ruining your original design.

2. Edit

Start by editing the text ONLY in the template after your design is set. If you can't figure out why you cannot select the background elements, check out the layers panel and unlock them. Then export out and make sure to use the full range of artboards. 

3. New Gallery

In the pages panel (potentially in a folder) add your new gallery and drag and drop the image slices into the gallery. Arrange so you have first the name, then you can move around the social media links in whatever order you want, with a spacer between each. If you want also add in a spacer at the end.

4. Add Extras to Gallery

Don't forget to add your links in the options tab for each image. If you want, add in headshots and crop to a square. As I said in the video. Make it easy for yourself, you don't NEED to open up photoshop just to crop to a square to drag and drop in something like this. Just crop once you have added to the gallery.

5. Add to Post/Page

When you add to a post or a page, choose Carousel Gallery > Existing Gallery and find the one you just made. When it first imports in it will be large, drag the circle on the center bottom of the frame up to crop in. An easy way of figuring out if you cropped correctly is to check out the edges. Is the padding the same all around and nothing is missing? You did it! 

6. Rejoice

Now you have a simple template and solution to author profiles or social media sections you want added to your pages/posts. Try this for vendors for weddings, guest bloggers, for those you are interviewing etc. 

//NOTE: This is only going to work for multiple people if you are on business plan or above, or else you will run into your galleries + pages adding up to twenty and maxing out on the personal plan very quickly. It's something to think about.