SS Quandaries ep2: What content should go in my footer?


Ok here we are in our first moderately ok produced (not really) episode. These are going to be really quick, no video editing outside of the intro and combining things together - so don't expect any cinematic awards. Content over perfection in this case or you will never get anything LOL. Video + Meg are new friends, still sort of testing the waters out... 

So our three pillars you want to remember:

1. Miscellaneous Content

FAQ Pages, Policy + Disclaimer + Any other unlinked pages you might want direct access to - all the questions that might help you convert a client/customer before they navigate away from your site!

2. Call to Action

How can they get in touch with you? What are the next steps you want someone to take? Ex: Our list of next steps we have listed on our footer section. 

3. Follow More

So you can't convert them today, or get them to contact you just yet - how about getting them to follow you so that they can become a client in the near future? Keep these things FOCUSED so you can get them to follow you on a platform/newsletter that you USE. If you don't write newsletters - don't put the focus on them! If you instead get clients through instagram, put the focus there instead. It's about focusing your efforts since they will most likely only click on ONE.

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