SS Quandaries ep3: How do I get that full width Brine footer?

Ok - so this question is the MOST requested question that comes into Squarespace. SO much so that we developed a mini course about a year ago to answer how to do this for members. We often get questions like, how do I make my footer full width? Or how do I make the instagram footer go across the bottom of the page on x template and well... statistically speaking you bet like 40% of that time it's Brine. I mean 40% of the templates in general are Brine template based. 

So this video isn't going to answer your questions, it's going to show you WHAT we are talking about when we say you need to take the course to get the full understanding. It's not a 1-2 punch fix. We don't recommend it for beginners, but we know understanding these things has transformed many of our community and past members design portfolios. 

Without further ado:

So our three things to take away:

It is possible with CSS

We do warn you however that if you try to do it without really knowing CSS you will get what we like to call "a slidey website" that slippery slidery thing that happens when the width of your site is actually too wide. 

Are you just telling us this so we buy the course?

Nope! We received NUMEROUS questions sent to our inbox about this since the quandaries submissions opened up. I even moved around some planned posts to fit this in. We have been SO busy that it's so crazy difficult to find time to showcase some of the amazing things we teach in our courses. This is just one of our favorite and most profound courses in terms of template edits.

So where can we buy this?

PLEASE remember we ask you have intermediate + CSS knowledge. If you haven't edited CSS for Squarespace before this is probably not the right thing for you. 

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