SSDG Launch Giveaway

Get ready for our ultimate SSDG Giveaway! Entries Open TODAY, and close Nov 18th at 11:59pm EST. Be sure to pay attention to the entries you can do DAILY!

Get Excited for the Ultimate SSDG Giveaway!

I have had "do a giveaway" on my to do list forever, but it never seemed like the right time. I thought we would do it as an anniversary thing, but I think it's fitting to do it with our big relaunch. It's funny how being able to share SSDG with more of the public has been so exciting for our team. The site showcase submissions are rolling in, our inbox has tons of one-one requests, and we are about to kick it up a notch! We are giving away $1700 worth of of "prizes" or shall I say a HUGE SSDG Scholarship! This package is going to kickstart anyone who is already designing in SS or has yet to start, or even someone with a successful SS business. With the two full size courses, plus membership mini courses, that is 14 topics we get to cover together! PLUS all the other goodies our membership offers.

The giveaway scholarship prizes include:

1. One full year of SSDG Membership!

2. Lifetime Access to the Squarespace Process Course!

3. Lifetime Access to the CSS for Squarespace Course!

The prizes combined have a total monetary value of $1,725 and cannot be exchanged for credit or any other prize.
If you are an existing member, you will have a free year applied to your membership. If you are an existing member who joined after the Process and CSS courses were made available to monthly members, you will receive a free year's membership plus both courses. If you are entirely new to SSDG, you will receive a full free year's membership plus both courses!
Once your year is up, you will have the option to renew your membership on a monthly basis ($79 p/mth) or on an annual basis ($779 p/yr giving you 2 months free!)
There is no obligation to renew once your year is up, should you leave you will still keep access to all the content you gained during your membership.
Entries close 11:59pm Eastern time on Friday 18th November
About The Squarespace Design Guild
The core pillars of our guild include resources & learning opportunities for your growing Squarespace Biz, full access to a new course of a different topic every month, community sharing and communication as well as showcasing and promoting your work in our directory and public blog.
What's included in the membership?1. A community of other Squarespace Designers to Chat and ask Questions
2. Monthly Mini Courses, with ranging topics from the Design Process to CSS, Typography and more.
3. Your own profile in our Designer Directory.
4. Your own Designer Interview Posted on the Blog
5. Site Showcase Priority Posting
6. Weekly Office Hours! We answer anything you want LIVE in Slack.
7. NEW! Members Only Questions Blog. For longer answers, or coding questions, we have a blog specifically dedicated to your questions. Ask and we shall record our answers! This way you can go back to the answer and flip through previous submissions.
8. Discounts on previous mini-courses you might have missed!
Annual members get the ability to publish on the site whenever they would like as well as annual designer interviews on the site to promote their business.

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