Stop the Copy & Paste Syndrome. Learn CSS.

Learn CSS for Squarespace | Coding for Squarespace Course on Teachable

Stop being frustrated editing your Squarespace Sites:

How many times have you thought to yourself, if I could only change that one element on this page, I could make the layout soooo much better. If I could change the background of the searchbox, create a stylish minimal fashion forward form to match the branding? Yeah, well you can, and that's the thing that many forget. 

Learning to actually edit these elements is much easier than you expect. I truly believe that. With a bit of CSS knowledge, Chome and some ingenuity you can create a site that has your branding throughout, without feeling like you are compromising for the easy to use SS platform. 

The First Step: Typography

The key is to learning it in a specific way. First is to start with editing typography only, make tweaks to items within your site that are just too specific for SS to edit in the style editor. If they allowed you to determine all of the typography possibilities, then those doing quick out of the box sites, would then be overwhelmed by the possibilities.

The Next Steps: Blocks and Beyond

Once you have a handle on some type edits, you then want to think about specific blocks, edit the blocks to look the way you want. Once you are comfortable with those items, the whole world starts to open up with ideas in your head about what else you can do!  Want an icon in your blog header, like the border line on the top of the Galapagos template but are using Avenue? Looking to add a little bit of a pattern on the bottom of your footer? These are all possibilities, that become much easier once you have learned the basic type and block edits.

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