Top 3 Reasons You Need to Wireframe Your SS Site

Don't miss this critical step in designing the RIGHT way.

1. Client Communication

The number one reason for wire-framing whether on squarespace or not, is to have clear communication about the functions and needs of your web design. Even on a drag-and-drop platform like Squarespace, you need to plan and design your site just like you would on a custom site with a developer. Why? Communication with your client is key, they are not web designers, which is why you are involved in the equation at all, and most clients can’t picture WHAT their site will look like prior to seeing it in full design mode. The best way to get yourself in a jam redesigning a site, or implementing a new SS template is to not have clear communication about what their site will have feature-wise, hence wire-framing. Full width images? Blog sidebar? Logo on top? Side? Right? Middle? All things you should discuss before designing, and without a wireframe it’s difficult to understand.

2. Content Planning

The second reason to get your client a full wire-frame for their Squarespace site is for planning purposes. You want them to invest in stock photography, a copywriter, maybe they need more assets to fill out their site, or make sure they get you all the content you need to continue to the design round. We all know that explaining to clients what they need to provide is a difficult thing to explain. It’s like a giant visual checkbox for clients to provide copy or images etc. for you to fill in.

Here’s my tip! Once you get into the wire framing step, provide your client with a checklist for what else they need to provide before moving onto the next step in the design process.

3. Professional Validity

Never let anyone make you feel like you are a “cheaper” designer because you are working on a platform like SS. Your design work is your design work, whether in a .psd being handed to a developer or in squarespace. You are using your knowledge, time and expertise to create a site that is not only editable on the blog, but editable via css and design in a way that your client will appreciate for years to come. This comes with expertise to do it right. Make sure you don’t miss this step in the design process and include a FULL working wireframe.

Make sure you join SSDG since next month is wire framing month! We will be discussing not only HOW to wireframe on SS, but methods, and resources to do so in the best way.