Top 4 Squarespace Tools for Designers

Square Design Guild | Top Four Tools and Plugins for Squarespace Designers

Top 4 Squarespace Tools for Designers

One: Block Identifier

This is for all of those designers that have sat looking at the back end of squarespace code losing your detailed eyesight digging in there to find your #block-yui. For those who don’t know, there are a few specific ways of using custom CSS in Squarespace, and one of them is to isolate a specific block, and then change the parameters within that ONE block. The block ID is totally findable without this little gadget for your Chrome browser, but takes a few minutes. In a click of a mouse, all of your page’s Block ID’s show up on your screen and like magic you can isolate a block and create a background color for a text block. Pretty neat right? Yeah! Totally is. 



Two: Full Screen Capture

Have you ever sat in photoshop adjusting the multiple screenshots you took for your client sites? Yeah, we did too. Until we found full screen capture. This little guy does the work for us, just sit back and then save your full web page screenshot png. While it doesn’t always come out perfect, it does take TONS of time off of the potential of taking multiple screenshots and glueing them together. Note: You have to be logged OUT of Squarespace for this to work.


Three: Site Cloner

Now this little guy is not free, but is truly a gem. I have recommended it to many a client and member here at SSDG. What is it? This tool can take the data from the page you are working on (so think blocks, but not style), copy it and paste it into Squarespace. You need to be logged into BOTH sites in order for this to work. This is great for those who want to build a site for approval on a test url for a client and copy it over to their site for launching. For those with clients who want minimal down time on their site, or designers who want to be sure they get paid, this is the tool for you. For clients, those who are more tech savvy, I recommend this for those with complicated blog structure. Especially food bloggers. We set up google recipes, printing code buttons and more. Since you can not only clone a page/collection you can also clone a blog entry, this is perfect so you can create a template blog post for them to base their future posts from.


Four: SS Brine Templates for AI

Recently released to our store, we have a few updates there, including December’s templates that came with our live workshop upgrade. In December, with members we discussed how to go from a site mockup in Illustrator to live within SS. Our example site we did was the new site, which is in on the Brine template family. So with that, we also included some illustrator templates for you to use when designing mockups for your clients in Brine. We love adding this step to the process to web design and our clients LOVE how they get to see that sneak peek of how their site will look.