Top Reasons to Hire a Designer for your Squarespace Site

I get this question a lot, and I actually refer back to my old life working in boutique baby photography to clearly define the reasons here. The reasons to hire a professional are the same for squarespace as it is in any artistic trade. There will always be naysayers, or others who believe that they can do your work just as well as you, so what does this mean? 


  • What do you value?

  • Do you have time to do it right?

  • Do you have time to fix when you get it wrong?

  • Are you considering all the options?



Understanding the value of someone else’s work, and the value of your own time and effort is the key here. You have to ask yourself, what do you value? Is it worth it to you to hire someone else. There are people who like to hire people, and those who are sometimes too stubborn to know better. I can only say that because I know I fall into the second category for certain things. I think we all do! 


For me, squarespace was a great meld of css and easy drag and drop, meaning I could customize, and really work on making the platform work to the best of its ability for me and my clients could easily jump in and make edits themselves. I have had clients who previously used wordpress say, holy cow, it’s so easy! You shouldn’t have to feel like you are tied to your computer updating and figuring out code, there should also be good customer service, and easy updates as the platform grows for your client without them feeling like they need to invest in another custom site. There is a balance, and that is where a well-designed, well-thought out squarespace site comes into play. Those who are focusing on their business can easily learn the platform without too much craziness, but be able to start off on the right track with their site!



The biggest thing I hear on the internet about complaints from new SS users is this. I didn’t know what I wanted and had to change templates and redesign all over again. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles when you are learning a new platform and its offerings. It’s not necessarily bad, but even with all the resources out there, you won’t know everything. Your designer will be able to give caveats of information and make the terribly annoying decisions like what template to start on. 


Remember when deciding to hire someone or not that a good designer is a good communications designer. What that means is that they are able to take your info, and create a message and point of view for your readers. Hiring a designer means you can work on what you are good at and they can help show it to the world.



A good web designer, including squarespace designer whether they are a developer-wiz or not, is a good information organizer as mentioned above. There is a lot more to hiring a good squarespace designer than just making something look pretty. Most will transfer your domain, make sure the flow of the site works well, the user experience is consistent through good planning, as well as think of the items a first time user is not going to think of. They have nuggets of tips and tricks for your site, and are great resources for your business. A well thought out, well coded, good SEO site, will bring value to your business, wether it be a new blog or your family run store.



Consider the other value they are bringing to your brand beyond just getting your images and copy into a site. Are they providing custom design options? Whether custom css or a template for icons or slideshow overlays, these are actionable items you can use as your business grows. On top of the items you can use going forward in your site, do you know how to use your site? Many of us are not only designing a site, but providing training. Sometimes they will even dig into advanced topics during that training time if you feel like you have the basics down. The support in not just setting up a site, but making sure that you are able to use it and feel like it can grow with you is so important!


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