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When working with a template based web design its absolutely crucial you add a bit of "spark" to your work. Whether creating a simple site for a handyman, or a complex blogging structure for a multi-tier advertising based, content forward brand. There are a few ways you can think about your site a bit differently to achieve something really special and unique. 


Start by First Thinking About Function

Here is an example that is so great. A cover page can be used in so many different ways! THINK on your feet people! A cover page is a great way of creating a full page slideshow! Check out an option I put together that is just a nice info page. It doesn't have to be a stop gap page, or a splash page, it can be a nice break in the format! I love this choice for photographers for their "galleries" give some info about that style of shoot, a way of contacting  you AND a big slideshow. Just don't forget to add in a "back to main page" button like I did for the example page, lol.


click on image to see page

That's an easy way of infusing something different into a site design, something to shake things up. Maybe you use this as a featured product page and have the link lead back to the store? Maybe it's a coupon, opt-in, the list goes on.


Break the Rules

Who said Italic has to be italic, who said BOLD has to be bold?!? Seriously think about how you are using the typogrpahy on  your site and find an easy way of embedding simple changes to make your life easier. Do you have lots of interviews and question/answer sessions? Consider taking one of your easy options and altering the css for that typography. No markup/code blocks needed after JUST a few lines of CSS. The best part of this is that you can easily CHANGE FONTS within a paragraph. Say what? Yeah. I said it. Change your <strong> to something other than just a heavier weight. 

This is my BOLD CSS:

b, strong {
    font-weight: bold;
    color: #93a8ad;
    font-size: .85em;
    letter-spacing: .1em;

Change the Purpose

This goes along with our first example, thinking of alternate ways to use something. For this one, I used a simple ONE image slideshow and added a caption. The caption then is centered on the image and I used some CSS to give it a polished look. This solution requires a bit of a media query since slideshow captions usually don't show up on mobile so we will get into the code another time. In the meantime check it out! It's a great way of enabling your end client to update their site without having to design a new button or graphic. Here's a screenshot from my portfolio site, and also see it in the links below where I have used it for clients.

Creative Ways to Use Squarespace | One Image Slideshows