Where's the Money in Food Blogging?

Ok, let's talk money.

One of the best sources to learn about how food bloggers make money is Pinch of Yum. While they don't publish these stats anymore, but they have LOADS of back-posts on them. 

How do food bloggers make money?

Before you dig into these, I want you to do one thing for me. Ask yourself about the design, branding, content, and experience of the site? Do they make sense with what the author is then saying their income is? How are they making it? Is it ads? If so, do you feel overloaded by ads on the site? If not mostly made by ads where do they fall in the spectrum of income? Higher end? So where instead is the money coming from? Affiliate links? Sponsored posts? You are going to see a trend here... dive into these posts and let's resume when you are done.

Here are a few others who publish their income for food blogs. (none of them squarespace)

Recipe This
Jessica Gavin
The Girl on Bloor
Bowl of Delicious
The Endless Meal
Sally's Baking Addiction
Chelsea Messy Apron

Ok so what did we learn from these posts? 

Beyond me as a designer wanting to put in an ad-blocker for 80% of these sites (sorry guys - it's just a designer thing). You will notice they make their income if they are 100% supporting themselves either because they have incredible amounts of hits/traffic, OR they have a niche market where sponsors really love their content and influence. THEIR CONTENT. So it's based on the photography and the writing right? Well...  yes, but if the site is too clogged with ads you will not be able to see the content. 

So what sets Squarespace Food Bloggers apart (I am CLEARLY biased). The income almost always is clearly coming from content/sponsored content/projects. There is a VERY clear focus on creating great content, making it niche, and letting it shine. This is in contrast to the "viral content" approach, which is just different not bad. 

Those of us who migrate towards Squarespace already have an inherent focus on keeping things simple. We want the back end to "run itself" and just focus on adding new quality work. So WHY are those who are great food bloggers in Squarespace successful? Because they aren't trying to be WP FoodBloggers who make income off of affiliate links and ad income. You will find the majority want their work to look incredible and it not to take much effort to get it that way.