Why R&D Matters for Squarespace Designers

Square Design Guild | Why Research and Development Matters for a Squarespace Designer

Why R&D Matters for Squarespace Designers

This post is really geared towards those “serial users” the designers who are helping make template choices, time and time again for their clients.

One thing that I have been running into lately is the issue of finding that “perfect” template, and the hope from so many clients for a specific nugget of template goodness from here and there. 

Sure, you can go out and hire a developer to write or edit some jsom in order to create that perfect edit, but explain developer mode to MOST clients, and what they could or could-not miss out on in terms of potential squarespace “upgrades” or “new features” and all I can say is, I’ve ALMOST never had a client give the go-ahead.


So why Research and Development

We all have favorite projects, favorite solutions to problems and design wireframes, so why would Squarespace be any different? You can see the favoritism, and yet also flexibility in design within one template at the SS headquarters, BRINE. Yes, the York family has been receiving some updates and attention, but what it’s the generation of templates getting the updates and the attention that you want to think about before convincing a client to go with an old-school template. 

For example, in December they released a new tweak for Brine which really helped some of my clients - the mobile breakpoint. At what point does the menu system collapse to a hamburger. 

They also added social icons to the header, something I had been doing with a couple of methods, and still sometimes use (if we only need one menu system). 

Go where the R&D is happening.

If I had been on Pacific, or Bedford, which would have been similar choices to my current designs for clients and my own sites, it wouldn’t have been a disaster, or even that big of a deal - but by paying attention to where updates, and new features are being added you keep your book open for possibilities of new chapters and new blank pages, where templates that haven’t received the attention end up as a closed book. 

What does that mean? It means if you are Circle eligible, USE it, read the emails on the updates and see where THEY are putting their time and effort.

We all know I’m a huge Brine fan, but just as a reminder here, we are also talking about the York family as well as any future Template families. Don’t just choose a template because you like it or are familiar with it, TEST out everything!