Square Design Guild - Designer Community

Square Design Guild - Designer Community


Our community is one of my favorite things about SSDG. There’s honestly a sense of non-competitiveness and helping each other that you rarely see in a facebook group. We have over 100+ members in our slack group (probably 45+ active members) that ask questions, provide feedback, post site showcases (we moved it here so anyone can post a new launch to their designer friends), we talk SSDG, client woes, all of it.

We have an application process to be sure that those joining are designers. The application fee is non-refundable, so if you have a question about joining please send us an email.


  • We ask that you are a designer, vs. marketing/seo squarespace user.

  • We ask that you have completed 1-2 Squarespace client sites before joining.

  • We also ask that you have Squarespace Design listed on your website as a service you provide. We are 100% open to designers who are new to the platform, we just ask you are actively working in Squarespace alongside other platforms.


  1. Once you click add to cart below you, you will get a pop-up form, please fill out so we can get to know you.

  2. We will go over your app to be sure you meet the requirements above

  3. We will send you a link to join our community slack channel! Then remember to introduce yourself!

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Read About the 2019 Changes to SSDG

We made a few changes here! Check out the blog post for some insight on the changes to the community/directory app.