Directory Application

Directory Application


SSDG Community and Directory is now open to the public and we are so happy to share this with everyone. Directory is a profile where you can showcase yourself to potential peers, and clients and showcase your squarespace and design work, and with a directory posting, we are opening up our community in Slack (that was previously member only). With that you will find some AMAZING designers, and some incredible friends that are asking the same questions and wondering the same things about client issues within squarespace.

**Requirements: We ask that you are a graphic and web designer currently working with squarespace, that you have been working within squarespace for at least a year, and that you have a website or professional portfolio up in some form other than social media. There must be reference to Squarespace (however you prefer to label it- design/development etc) as a service on your site, as well as examples of your client work labeled as Squarespace designs. This ensures that anyone finding your site navigating from the directory has a clear understanding of your Squarespace work and services available. 

NOTE: The registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, so please be sure you either contact us if you have questions, or are a designer that meets the requirements above before sending in your info.

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