Intro to Learning Custom CSS for Squarespace

Intro to Learning Custom CSS for Squarespace


This class is for squarespace lovers! From blog site owners to brick and mortar shop owners, to designers who use squarespace as their platform of choice for clients, this course will introduce you to the world of CSS.

By no means is this a full developer course in writing code, you will get familiar with css, the easiest code to write, as well as feel more comfortable knowing what is and is not possible within the platform using ONLY css.

We go through not only the basics of css, but then where to add CSS to your site, HOW to find new items to edit as well as when your advanced css is going to cause a problem. Knowing what is safe and not, is the first step in editing your site for yourself and friends, family and clients.

With over five hours of tutorial videos, you are sure to transform your design abilities in this watch and follow style of learning!


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Testimonials from Students

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“We all hear that when you see a Squarespace site, you know it's a Squarespace site. But the allure of fast customization without code and an easy to use interface is hard to pass up. I can completely understand why it could be hard to convince a client (or yourself) to make the switch to SS when a template design isn't the sexiest thing around.

But oh, don't let the templates fool you into thinking that's all they can do. Squarespace provides amazing templates, but you can take them up a notch once you know how to apply CSS within the Squarespace framework (and without entering into developer mode.)

"Meg is an all around Squarespace guru, and if SSDG isn't on your radar it needs to be. Before the SSDG course for Learning Custom CSS for Squarespace, I thought there was a tight cap on what was possible to achieve with Squarespace. With this course I am able to take my Squarespace abilities further than I could have tried on my own and I know that I'm doing them correctly.

Not even halfway through the course I was writing Meg and showing her screenshots of what I was able to do with what I learned. I'm still surprised at all the tricks I'm able to discover from what was taught. I can't wait to see what I'll be able to do next!”

- Liz W, SSDG Member

“If you're a designer offering Squarespace services, or want to distinguish your own site from the preset templates, this course is for you! Meg shares her step-by-step process for customizing Squarespace through easy to follow tutorials on CSS that you can implement within a couple hours. Even if you don't have any experience with coding, you'll find the application of this course a breeze to take action. I can't recommend this course enough!”

Jamie S. SSDG Member

"As a brand designer, I have by default found myself working within the Squarespace platform to transition my client's brands onto an online platform. Through trial and error I have become increasingly comfortable designing in Squarespace, but it wasn't until this course that I felt I could promise and deliver a quality web product unique to each of my clients and distinct in their industries. I often think I have to choose between the role of designer and developer, but with this course I am able to confidently offer a custom product to my clients that I am proud of. Meg broke down coding languages that I thought would be complicated into a simple step-by-step process that I quickly picked up on and utilized in my process. I easily and quickly went through the lessons, feeling that I was learning at a speed I could not have accomplished on my own. I highly recommend this course!”

Kadie, SSDG Member