Media Queries for Squarespace (mobile css styling)

Media Queries for Squarespace (mobile css styling)


This is an advanced course for those who have previously taken the CSS for Squarespace Course or feel familiar enough with CSS edits that they can dive into more complex solutions to responsive design.

In this course we are using the basic min and max-width media queries, to transform a sometimes clunky design for mobile in Squarespace, to something that works seamlessly desktop to handheld device.

The key to understanding responsive design for Squarespace, is not just the custom CSS edits, but the process of choosing and editing the design while implementing regular Squarepace blocks and elements.

Learn how to reduce instagram blocks so you don't get tired scrolling through a grid gallery of 10 items, or change from a carousel gallery for desktop to a grid gallery for instagram on mobile.

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