Introduction to CSS Course

Introduction to CSS Course


Free introduction to CSS is a mini-course that helps anyone interested in learning the basics of CSS and what that means for Squarespace learn a few things to get you started.

The Course Is Broken into Six Parts:

  1. What is CSS and why do we use it?

  2. The Structure of CSS.

  3. How to add CSS to SS and what that means.

  4. How to change something on ONE page of a site.

  5. Maintaining and Troubleshooting your CSS.

  6. Starter Kit and Practice CSS :)

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Reviews and Testimonials:

Meg! This course was exactly what I needed to get me excited about CSS again! You explain everything in such great detail and most importantly in plain English. It was so refreshing to hear you say phrases like “this thing right here” vs having to use all the proper terms that get complicated. Thank you thank you for putting this together!

★★★★★ - From a Squarespace Designer. Morgan


This was a great intro to CSS - thorough and easy to understand. I also appreciate the glimpse into Squarespace's css. I now understood some of the mistakes I've made and why some things haven't worked (!important and lots of typos...). Thanks so much for this!

★★★★★ - From a DIY Squarespacer Celia C.


How is this free?! You are incredible - I design squarespace sites for clients, but I have never written my own code. I just google it for hours until someone on a squarespace message board gives me the answer (which happens 50% of the time). This is so incredible to finally understand the basics and actually have an idea of what's do-able and how to do it!!! THANK YOU.

★★★★★ - From a Squarespace Designer. Anon


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