Learn the Basics for Designing in Mobile

Learn the Basics for Designing in Mobile



Designing for mobile on Squarespace can seem a bit confusing, why is my content not staying as nice as it is on desktop? How to I optimize for a smaller screen? Are there tricks I just don't get when it comes to designing for mobile? This multi-part mini course is almost NOT a mini course when you consider the packed amout of information we are discussing. 

We discuss the topics of:

  • Template Choice
  • Sticking content together
  • Summary Gallery layout choice
  • Text layout for footers
  • How to make banner images look good for indexes
  • Icons and small graphics
  • And a quick dive into an introduction to media queries for CSS

All these things combined are going to allow you to make solid decisions on how to layout content so you don't have big spacing issues and formatting issues when designing your site or your client's site! 

**please inquire if you have questions about courses, there are no refunds given for ssdg courses or products.

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