Left Right Layout Design Mini Course

Left Right Layout Design Mini Course


The best way of creating a dynamic left-right layout. This dynamic solution has the half image half content layout in a way that’s easy to update and design for the client without spacers/graphics/index galleries or card image blocks to fuss with.

  • five options for layouts, from easy to complex

  • best for the intermediate css user - beginners please email before purchasing - it’s totally possible to follow along, just know it’s not beginner css.

  • you will be able to change the background color with css on some options, some with banner images

  • easy exchange of images in all solutions!

  • use any content blocks you want within the layout.

  • multiple layout options for mobile including eliminating the image, including it on top or on bottom of the content,

  • works with the brine template only

  • does not work with parallax settings

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