Mega Menu Mini Workshop

Mega Menu Mini Workshop


The quick-fix mega menu/pseudo mega menu is our workshop where we are going to style a menu with a multi-column system using your regular old folder in Squarespace. In the base code we show you how to implement, we include adding an image, adding categories/titles to menu sections and make it mobile compatible. This workshop is for the BRINE family only.

  • Menu with Multi-Columns

  • Images in Menus

  • Non-Linkable Titles/Category Labels for Menus

  • Mobile Compatible Design

  • Easy to Use with Multiple Folders

  • Brine Template Based Use

  • The Normal SS Folders for your Menu

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - This course uses intermediate level CSS. Please be sure to take our free css intro course if you are new to CSS in general.

License - this is a learning workshop, meaning we are teaching you how to implement this code, not just send you code to design in one mode. With that, the license is for you and you alone. Do not share, distribute any of the content within this workshop.

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Reviews and Testimonials

“Megan is truly a coding genius sent from above! Her mini courses are so affordable especially when you consider she is putting in the hard front end work and delivering you the final product. Not only was her Mega Menu nav bar course a game changer for my client, but she was also hands on in helping me anytime I managed to confused myself with implementation lol! Couldn’t ask for a better product or more helpful person. Thank you!”

★★★★★ - From a Squarespace Designer. Morgan


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