One Page Brand Guideline for WebDesigners

One Page Brand Guideline for WebDesigners


The one page brand guideline for Web Designers is essential for all those doing web design and not the branding aspects.

In our signature Process Course (coming back fall 2017) we discuss how clients sometimes don't have all the branding pieces and you find out part way through you are really designing a brand but for the price of a website. Well, no more. This one-pager should be the minimum that the client has before starting with them. If they can't send you each of these things, then you need to add on a branding package! Create an example of your own and send to clients, or fill out for clients to show they have missing parts. 

We also use this to help clients see their brand guide, if they have diy'ed their brand. A great asset for clients, that will help you with your design process.

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