Site Showcase Submission

Site Showcase Submission

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We take submissions from anyone who wants to contribute to the squarespace community. Members get priority access and priority scheduling of posts. Please consider joining us in the Squarespace Design Guild if you want to post often/frequently.

The small one-time fee of $15 is so that we can keep Square Design Guild's blog running and showcase your work (basically advertising). We are appreciative of your support and are looking forward to working with you on showcasing your design talent!

The site showcase form is included after checkout. Have your interview cap on and let's get started! 

--ALL Site Design Work MUST be your own, we will not accept submissions based on templates unless YOU designed the template yourself. Please don't promote your services besides SS design in the interview or we will reject your submission and return your fee. 

-- Submission is FREE for members. Please contact if you can't find your info on member submission.

Submit Your Site!