Summer 2018 Workshop - The Signature Blog Template

Summer 2018 Workshop - The Signature Blog Template


The summer workshop design is here!

What is a design tempalte + workshop?

All deliverables:

  • FULL Illustrator mockup of site in Brine Template

  • FULL live workshop of implementing the mockup in SS with question and answer as we go.

  • Recorded video of live session delivered after the workshop (so you don't HAVE to be there live).

  • Any CSS we write live during the session or any scripts we write during the session.

  • List of any plugins, resources etc, used during the session in a PDF.

Deisgners - for those interested in the behind the scenes look or feel as if you learn better by seeing and experienceing the site, you can buy the bonus version of the template, which send you access to the site for 30 days after the workshop.

Time will be 9:30am to 4:30pm EST - students who can’t make it live can watch the replay :)

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what is the design going to be?

Click on gallery below to see full flat files of what we will be designing!



frequently asked questions:

i can't make it that day, can i still join in? 

You bet! The workshop will be live, BUT we are sending you the AI files - so you can prep some questions and send them in before the day of, and we will answer them during the workshop. The day will be recorded, so you will have the chance to download the video after the session :) 

is this workshop for just designers or can a diy squarespacer join in!?

We are definitely going to be discussing a lot of client processes, and things for adding a mockup to the client process in general, HOWEVER this is also a great chance for those who feel comfortable in Squarespace to really up their design game. 

do i need to know css to join in?

Definitely not! You can always just apply the CSS we use during the workshop when you re-create this site, but we do suggest having taken our FREE INTRO TO CSS FOR SQUARESPACE course so that you have some basics and can understand what we are referring to in different parts.

can i use the design with clients?

You bet, for those taking the workshop you can 100% use this design with  your clients, same with the elements and CSS. However, we are limiting this to your one-one full site design clients. The design is strictly prohibited from being resold in any shape or form, as plugins, templates or anything that is not for a full service, full design client. If you have questions about that please inquire. We want you to LEARN how to do this process and up your CSS/layout/design game, but also use your creativity on how to apply it within your business.

This design doesn't really apply to my business, but I love the idea, will there be more workshops?

Potentially! But we also offer a one-one mentoring session. We have two offerings for mentoring. Check them out coming soon!. The first is a one-time session, and the second is a four-session style mentoring where we design a site in full from beginning to end one-one. If you have a particular site design you want to accomplish, but do it yourself or for a client - or just for fun - this might be a great option for you. 

what if the course is full, will you be selling this as a video in the future?

Our goal right now is no, that these will be kept to live-workshops. We like to answer questions and really discuss and chat about the design with students. Look at our mentoring options as well as sign up for our newsletter to sign up for future workshops!