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Fall 2017 



we have some exciting things coming to SSDG for the fall and winter season
and want to be sure you know about them so you can be notified!


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Here at SSDG we believe in knowledge and creativity. We have developed a free mini-course for all of those using and working with custom CSS in any capacity on their site. In this mini course you will learn:

1. How to manage your custom css.
2. How to know if there's a problem.

3. Where to add your CSS for different effects.
4. Give you the confidence to start using it the right way!

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css for squarespace

our full css course is coming back! That's right, it has been redesigned and better than ever with all of our new tips and tricks specifically designed to teach on the newer Squarespace templates. 

1. Brine based course for this updated release!
2. All previous students will get this version free!

3. TONS more content and bonuses you will love.
4. Transform your Squarespace web design career.

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Squarespace templates 101

We have been getting so many questions from beginners to designers asking about what template does what? Why do designers like certain templates? What should you use for your new site? Which one for a food blog? Which one for a wedding portfolio? We have developed a course that takes you through theses different options and allows you to have insider knowledge to all the reasons to choose each template. 

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