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I help creative entrepreneurs who struggle with launching their business by coaching them through a simple system and designing a stunning brand & website so they can focus on doing what they love. I'm pretty obsessed with branding & design and I get super excited listening to other women share their passionate visions. My design esthetic is minimal, keeping things clean & spacious. I super enjoy coaching on all things creative biz, tech and living a purposeful life. I love working with women who: • have an amazing talent and are full of passion and persistence (how bad do you want it?!) • need help sorting through the maze of starting a business (gah, you've read a million blog posts and still no action) • are ready to turn their passion into profit (let's pay them bills & take a vacation!) • need someone to get inside their head and create what they are dreaming about (and make it even better than what you were thinking!) • need a sounding board and input on their big project (focus, baby, focus) • need to give their brand & site a refresh (enough of that diy, let's give it a profesh look!) Most people I work with are in these fields: - artisans & makers - coaches & speakers - fashion & beauty - artists & designers - nonprofits & visionaries Don't hesitate to inquire, I'd love to have a virtual coffee date and learn more about your passion project!

services provided:

Branding, Squarespace Design, Graphic Design, Template Site Design, Print Design

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