Frequently Asked Questions


are courses refundable?

Our courses, and products on all platforms are not currently refundable, however we would LOVE to walk you through any questions you have before purchasing. Please send us an email to


are all submissions to site showcase posted? 

We love to highlight designers work, but no, all work submitted is not accepted. Looking for a bit of info for what we are looking for:

- Creativity in terms of layout and branding.

- Clean design without slow loading times or errors.

- Designs that make us think creatively about the template they are using (instead of the basic layout).

- Designs will not be featured if the base is a template that someone else designed, and not mentioned in the vendor section.


i just started my studio, can I join ssdg's slack team now and finish the directory portfolio when i hit the requirements? 

Unfortunately, to make this fair for everyone, we have to abide by the rules. We ask that you have a full site up with example Squarespace work + a mention that you are a Squarespace designer on your website.  Please email with any questions!



We are in the process of moving all of our courses and content to this Squarespace site, which will make things much clearer and functional for everyone, in the meantime please don't mind the mess!