want to intern at ssdg?

We are looking for 1 or 2 individuals looking to learn more about the squarespace world and intern at SSDG. We are looking for someone who has already potentially blogged with Squarespace, and used Asana, so we can teach you the ropes. US Canidates only (sorry guys - it's a time zone thing!)

Your duties would include:

  • social media writing and posting, organizing and scheduling site showcase posts, some potential graphics creation.
  • must have: access to computer plus experience in squarespace plus creative cloud (photoshop and illustrator).
  •  pay is TBD based on experience.


We want this to be a great learning experience for you, to see the potential about how to run a high-end blog through Squarespace as well as gain some design and web experience.

The internship will start at a period of 3 months and evaluate where you are after that period of time! We want someone who potentially wants to grow into a larger part of SSDG on a more consistent basis, and are hoping you are that person!

Interviews will be in December. Till then, hold tight, we will be in touch if you make it to the next round. Sorry we can't reply to everyone!


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This is a paid, non-school sponsorship, where we are going to work with you to teach you the basics of how we run SSDG, but what do you hope to learn and gain from this?
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