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Fall 2015, I went searching for a community or learning opportunity to up my SS skills. It was early December, and I realized that not only did the community not exist, but that it was my job to create one and make it amazing. The next March 2016 we launched Square Design Guild. 

We aim to stick to our three pillars in everything we do. We are not just a community, we are not just a blog/showcase opportunity, and we are not just about ecourses and learning. It's about creating something MORE that incorporates all three to bring people together. 


-Meg Summerfield, Founder of Square Design Guild

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squarespace community, education and more

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+ close knit designer community
+ slack platform for discussion
+ weekly office hours for live discussion


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+ one NEW Class  per quarter Jan1, April1, July 1, Oct 1(previous classes not included)
+ bonus videos in teachable with fun css!
+ bi-monthly google chats!


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+  designer directory profile
+ FREE site showcase submission + preference scheduling
+  featured designer profile on home page (rotates out)



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Pricing for Square Design Guild

Quarterly Membership

billed at $79 per month



pastUpcoming Mini Courses Included in Membership


past ssdg MEMBER MINI classes (not included in membership)

members do receive 20% discounts on past classes + exclusive access to some that are not released to public. **Asterisk below denotes classes available exclusively for members.

Each class is available to members who are active during the quarter the class is released. Please note that classes are not released on the first of the quarter, but within the first week. Please contact us at admin @ squaredesignguild.com with questions!


Still have questions? Email us: admin@squaredesignguild.com!