Vol 2. Designing for Bloggers | Business Resource

This checklist is to help you communicate with your clients about their needs. OR for you to print out and have in  your file folder (the old fashioned way) I like to do it the old fashioned way while designing, and I keep the files in a little hanging manila folder on my bulletin board. A lot of the time if a client doesn't answer the questionnaire well (we all have those clients), I will then fill it out myself, use the back to make more notes or ideas on how to make their site unique.

Click on the image above to download the illustrator template to add your own branding. This way you can hand it to your own clients. 

If you tend to do better with online forms, export to PDF and make it fillable! In the case of lines for fillable forms, a grey box is best so you can help yourself find the area you want to create the fill-ins.

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