Vol 2. Overview Post | Designing for Bloggers

We all know blogging in any platform is time consuming, so finding the easiest way to create content, and get it loaded, scheduled and published is difficult for any size blog. What makes it even more difficult is a large scale blog, or one with multiple contributors/editors.

I devised a few work-arounds so I can get written content into ss without too much formatting, issues etc. Plus it allows me to write drafts from virtually anywhere, and I’ve even added notes and quick posts from the car. Yes, the car.


Key #1 Mobile Access to Your Content

First, we all know actually drafting content in a web-browser is the first thing you learn NOT to do in blogging. Even if your platform never crashes, you accidentally lose battery or internet connection your page might reload and … boom your time has been wasted.

There are lots of mobile/desktop syncing platforms. My favorite is Evernote. This way I can create multiple ideas, notebooks with sub notebooks and notes, adding tags and images. I don’t use the images much but sometimes it helps for notes.

So you’ve heard this before. I certainly have. But the key isn’t using evernote, it’s having evernote synced and online, as well as your phone so you can access your content, write or use siri to write notes on the go and get them into your blog without much effort.


The #2 Key: Submitting to Blog Via Email

I know, you are still thinking, this girl has zero clue what happens when you push send. Wrong! I am very very aware, it publishes instantly! So crazy one image and tons of text only works sometimes. SOMETIMES.


Key #3: Publish to a HIDDEN Locked Blog

Wait what? Yes, create a second blog on your site. Lock the page. Then grab the unique email id for your blog and save it in your phone contacts, email contacts, write it in notes, whatever works for you.

Then use this blog as your drafts/ideas get the major images and text uploaded so you can go in and only do your touch-ups, formatting, adding sub images, naming, tags, categories etc. Then you can focus on content creation without all the extras.

My schedule on a good week is content creation during the week, at all sorts of hours, whenever my brain is ready to write. Then I can look at what I created in the past week on Sunday and create publish dates for 1-2 weeks out. 

Usually I end up with a few backup posts/content ideas as well, that I can flush out and post if I need a last minute publish. It also makes copying format (text-wise) pretty easy and I can look at keeping branding similar over and content subjects varying over a time period when going in to schedule. We all know that editorial schedules don’t always work for creative entrepreneurs, and blogging can be the LAST thing on our real list of things we HAVE to do, so let it happen when your brain is ready, not when you are at your computer.

Check out the video about setting up a second hidden blog and publishing content there for easy uploads, as well as how to move content from your secret blog to your published blog.

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