Questions You Forgot to Ask | My Compiled List

We all have been there, the awkward "oops I forgot to ask this one question" and that question leading to either a redesign or change in the plan. Here's a list of questions to add to your arsenal. 

NOTE: Obviously each client is different, we have tried to seperate these via "issues" you think you might have from general to those who might have specific questions regarding X. Asking the right questions to the right client will hopefully alleviate issues and help with those awkward conversations.


With squarespace, if we have to change the template halfway through the design, we will have to look at our plan/scope of project before we continue. Are you ok with this?

Would you like me to implement your social media? If so I need logins for each.

Do you have a mailchimp account? The best way to set it up is to implement it in the beginning. I can do this for you or show you how. Which do you prefer?

Who hosts your domain? Do you have the login + passcode in case I need to call them for domain support?

Are you ok with me contacting squarespace on your behalf if we need something (a big issue or for example moving a SS domain)? If so I need the email that your login is under and your last 4 digits of the card for billing.

Are there any must haves in your design? Examples: blog sidebar, sticky header, importing your old wordpress blog posts.



If you have a site already, there are three options for design. 1) pull your site down and design it 2) create a new site and move the URL (not suggested if possible) 3) create design template in another site, and then pull down site for one weekend while we implement it on your main site (requires extra fee). The optimal choice is #1. If you have blog sponsors, advertisers etc. What is is the LONGEST you can have your site down/transferring?

If you have to move a SS domain and you have google apps set up already for email, are you ok if we have to move the billing to google instead of squarespace?



If we end up using developer are you aware that you have to have the business plan in order to implement?

Once we are on developer, it is suggested you keep a backup of your site files. Do you have external storage that you can keep these on? (this one is tough, do you ask this or do you not?)



If the design requires us to go over 20 Pages/Galleries, are you aware it might require us to go into the business plan?

How many contributors (logins) are you expecting?

Are you planning to use the eCommerce end of Squarespace? How many products are you planning to sell?



Do you have any specific requirements from your sponsors/advertisers on the placement of their ads or needs for the sponsors? (ex: BlogHer requires above the fold ads).

Do you require ad space at all? Are these self managed ads or embedded coded ads?

What about affiliate links?



Do you need print CSS or printable blog posts? Ex: food blogs or DIY blogs.

Do you need to implement easy to 


Do you have any times you wished you asked a question? Add it to the slack #vol1 channel where we are discussing all things onboarding and questions to ask clients.