Site Showcase: Kelley Palmer Photography

As an editor, I try not to show too many of my own websites, but recently I have been teaching members over at SSDG how powerful the Brine template really is.

I wanted to get this post up asap after our relaunch so I can show another example of Brine (ssdg is also a brine variety template) to show how you can do a few edits to really create all the features you or your client might want.

For those interested in learning about Brine, our November course breaks down the edits done on this site AND on the SSDG new website! We might not be adding this mini-course to our public offerings, so if you are thinking of joining, act now while we have a discount!

Template Chosen: Brine (Rally)

Why did you choose that template?: We wanted the MOST flexibility in a site, with the grid layout for blogging. What we love about a tweaked brine template is the ability to have the best of almost all worlds. The determination is in whether the client wants a blog sidebar or not. Here when branding is done right, as well as site layout, the need for a blog sidebar is superfluous. So the best flexible option is then a brine variety. 

What was the client's objective?: Kelly is newer to the photography world, and while she had a squarespace site, she worked with Jess from Jess Creates and myself so her brand and site could showcase her style and her photography. She wanted a site where the focus was on families, births and babies, but not go overboard. Kelly loves the idea of Kate Spade details with her brand colors, so we added little golden elements, polka-dots and more to keep it sophisticated.

Tell us a bit about the design process: You probably couldn't have asked for an easier design process. When working with brands by Jess- you really have very clear customer and a robust amount of items to work with. Here we had four vector patterns plus a multitude of logo options, so we could really have fun. We opted for a mock-up style for this brand, since we knew the template well, I could quickly show Kelly what I was thinking and then get quick approval to jump right in and get things done. 

How did you help the client differentiate their business through design?: The key here was giving Kelly a clean, and sophisticated squarespace site that has all the bells and whistles that a custom wordpress photographer's site might have. By doing that she can really focus on using the base design to grow her business -- so she can add pages, change up items etc. We also made sure that the photos were interchangeable without photoshop on the homepage etc. We used connections to slideshows and custom coding to create a look that was custom, yet editable.

Is there custom development? What about custom added css? Can you tell us why you did or did not use these edits? I am a huge fan of custom css, and try to stay away from custom development unless someone absolutely needs it. That being said, Kelly is new to the website world, I would never dump her in a custom development world. We did a lot of custom edits to a few places. We added active bottom borders in the header, created custom slideshow galleries (the three categories on the homepage) as well as edited how the padding works in the top index on the homepage so she could get a full width slider look. 

We added some custom patterns, and a bit of sophistication through some double lines, golden touches on the blog headers, to create the perfect sophisticated website that is family friendly!

What are the top three creative features you used in the design:?

  1. Custom Patterns
  2. Brine Template Edits
  3. Custom CSS Slideshows (on homepage)



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