Site Showcase: Dani Kreeft

Don't miss this edgy, kinetic yet professional site that incorporates unique collage elements and scribbles in banner. We are loving the minimal palette with that highlights this writer's work impecibly! 

Client Site Description: Professional Website

Template Chosen: Miller

Why did you choose that template?: I love any template in the Brine family! This website used the Miller template, from the Brine family, and it was really easy to customize and create the perfect design for this website.

What was the Client's Objective?: A website that would help showcase her creative skills and promote her services as a copywriter!

Tell us a bit about the design process?: My client and I worked closely together as we developed the strategy for how this website would showcase all her creative skills as a photographer, writer, art director and entrepreneur and help her score more freelance writing gigs! This website became a the virtual portal into my clients wheelhouse of talents! Once we finalized the wireframe of the website, we jumped straight into the design process. After hours of Pinteresting and chatting, I created a site that perfectly reflected my clients quirky personality. I infused the website with old-school imagery and edgy details, while still maintaining a modern aesthetic overall! My client loves the final design and can't wait to show it to the world.

How did you help the client differentiate their business through design?: For my client, she is her business and I knew that she needed a website that would be a virtual handshake and an introduction to the vibrant, enthusiastic, scrappy, vintage lovin' and oh so passionate person that my client embodies! Her website needed to scream "LOOK AT ME", while still keeping its cool, just like her! Transforming a person's personality into a website design is such a crazy and fun challenge... and we NAILED IT!

Is there custom development? What about custom added CSS? Can you tell us why you did or did not use these edits?: Yes, I did use some custom CSS for this design. I didn't use it for anything major, other than changing some colours of specific copy and changing the padding on the footer. Everything else I was able to achieve without CSS.

What are the top three creative features you used in the design?: 

1. Incorporating custom scribble illustrations into the banner imagery and including a parallax scroll to bring energy and movement into the design.

2. Overlapping body copy onto the imagery created a fun and edgy collage element to the site.

3. Playing around photography that truly depicts a rustic/modern aesthetic to this overall design.

Vendors used?: Copywriting by Dani Kreeft at

Designer: Emma Johnson from M Line Studio

Client's Site: Dani Kreeft