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Every once in a while, I like to showcase one of my own favorite client sites, and this one goes down in the record book of incredible details of floral, typography and soft texture that sets these ladies' website apart from most other Squarespace sites!

Squarespace Design Guild | Site Showcase | Ginger & Blooms by Meg Summerfield on the Five Template



WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THAT TEMPLATE?: We wanted to keep a blog sidebar, while having some blog header and footer space, while also using custom banner images, the most flexible with those needs is the Five template.

WHAT WAS THE CLIENT'S OBJECTIVE?: Alyssa and Lauren had just finished up branding with Jess from Jess Creates. Their new brand was a collaboration and joining together of their two companies. Together they wanted the site to be better than anything they could ever want on squarespace. This was a high hurdle to jump, but I think we made it. Being floral and wedding designers, Alyssa and Lauren have impeccable taste, but also a keen eye for details. The sites they loved were very clearly custom development for wordpress, but they wanted to stick to squarespace. We infused branding into each corner of the site, from the double bars on the navigation to the custom font, and more.

TELL US A BIT ABOUT THE DESIGN PROCESS?: The design process with Lauren and Alyssa was such a breeze, it was clear from their inspiration what they were looking for and I have never received such fantastic responses to drafts. A good response isn't a "that's great" it's more I love a, b and c and hope we can apply those elements to x & y as well. We worked on a super fast schedule, even though tons of crazy things that happened in a short period of time, we all came out ok! *lost dogs, moving AND getting the flu. It was a lot.

HOW DID YOU HELP THE CLIENT DIFFERENTIATE THEIR BUSINESS THROUGH DESIGN?: There are so many wedding planners you can choose these days, but their portfolio site should show that they are adapt at not just looking at the details of your day, but would never miss a tiny detail on their own site. We took every inch of real-estate and kept it on-brand, but also not too fussy. That's why squarepsace is such a winner, you can get the custom look and the back end ease!

IS THERE CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT? WHAT ABOUT CUSTOM ADDED CSS? CAN YOU TELL US WHY YOU DID OR DID NOT USE THESE EDITS?: Tons. You name it, we tweaked it. Our goal here was to look like custom development, and we certainly achieved it. A few places we used custom details, the font Ondise that Jess picked out, plus adding in some background colors to the packages page, plus a different header image for the blog page, and some details on the blog header itself.


  1. Texture
  2. Custom Photography
  3. Brand Details


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