Site Showcase: Lolo's Desserts

Square Design Guild | Site Showcase | Lolo's Desserts by Linea Mae | Pacific Template


Template Chosen: Pacific

Why did you choose that template?: I chose this template because food photography needed to be front and center, so the full width galleries were essential.

What was the Client's Objective?: Laura started a baking business out of her home and needed a site to direct people to orders and showcase her yummy treats.

Tell us a bit about the design process?: Laura reached out to me about needing branding and a website design to showcase her baked goods and also allowed her to have a blog. Developing her brand was the first step, which resulted in a modernly vintage logo and playful tone to her copywriting. Lolo's Desserts is all about embracing the joy of treating, so we used cheeky copy in all of her marketing materials.

We knew that photography was key when sharing her treats. The most time intensive part of this project wasn't the actual site design, but the photo styling and shooting. My home was filled with baked goods for days! Being able to style and shoot the photos myself allowed for me to get the perfect shots we needed for the site. The end result? Deliciously styled images to make her site shine and an archive of images at the ready for social media sharing.

Instead of displaying the full menu on the site, she wanted a menu that people could download (and that she could get printed to have on hand to give out). This allowed for a creative layout that didn't require additional CSS work.

How did you help the client differentiate their business through design?: Before Laura's site design, she was only getting business through people that she knew. After the site design she was overwhelmed with orders and actually had to turn people away! It was a wild success, one that she wasn't even anticipating. The photography and playful messaging made all of the difference.

Is there custom development? What about custom added CSS? Can you tell us why you did or did not use these edits?: I included a custom font from her logo and minimal CSS to control spacing.

What are the top three creative features you used in the design?:

  •  Custom Photography
  • Custom Font
  • Downloadable Menu

Anything else you want us to know about the site?: This was the original site design from Lolo's Desserts, which has since transitioned into a blog-only site. With life changes (baby on the way!) Laura couldn't keep up with the continuous stream of incoming orders. She still wanted to have a hub to share recipes and her love for baking, so a new blog-focused layout was the perfect solution.

Design Studio: Linea Mae

Client's Site Name: Lolo's Desserts