Site Showcase: Madison R Short Photography

Another fun site showcase here squarespace friends! We have a new designer showcasing her lovely colorful work for Madison R Short Photography. Welcome Rekita Nicole to our blog :) Rekita always has a good tip and trick for creating a great squarespace site, so it is a pleasure to showcase one of her client's sites her on ssdg!

Square Design Guild | Site Showcase | Madison R Short Photography by Rekita Nicole on the Fulton Template

Template Chosen: Fulton

Why did you choose that template?: I used this template because the client wanted to be able to utilize the full width gallery feature to display her photography.

What was the Client's Objective?: Madison's objective was to have clean website that will make her photography pop in order to gain clientele. She also anted to blog about her experiences with her clients and her personal photography.

Tell us a bit about the design process?: I asked Madison to create a shared secret Pinterest board to gather inspiration for her re-brand. Based on the information I gathered from the design questionnaire, our phone consultation, and the pinterest board, I created a moodboard that would best exemplify her branding. Madison wanted her branding to be bright, but clean. She loves the ocean and she is a sorority girl, so we made her branding Nautical and Preppy. After we agreed on her moodboard which includes the colors and style of her brand, we start the logo design process. Madison wanted her logo to be like a monogram.I designed her website using a Squarespace template, the Fulton. She loved the full width capabilities of the Fulton template, but to make her website unique, I used CSS and HTML.

How did you help the client differentiate their business through design?: Madison really wanted to stand out from others in her industry and show the fun side of photography. She wanted to attract young, yet whimsical couples and families, so I designed that a website that was feminine but not girly. I made sure her website had pops of color and simple accents that were not over the top.

Is there custom development? What about custom added CSS? Can you tell us why you did or did not use these edits?: I add some custom development to Madison's site to make it have a better flow. First I added a faux sidebar to the blog, since the Fulton does not have a sidebar feature. I also added CSS and HTML customization for her headers to make her template unique.I also created a fin slideshow for her homepage using Photoshop so she can fully showcase her work.

What are the top three creative features you used in the design?: Her slideshow, the faux sidebar, and the way we displayed her Instagram feed.

Vendors used?: Madison used her on photography.