Site Showcase: Pelham Medical Aesthetics

We are loving the simplicity and yet tons of beautiful details in this services website designed by Bonnie. Just the formatting of the FAQ page is beautifully done, and something often overlooked. A really great example of how you don't need crazy bells and whistles to make a site really function, but organization and clean design make content shine (sorry that rhymed).

Light and bright services website for Squarespace on Brine Template


Client Site Description: Professional Website

Template Chosen: Brine

Why did you choose that template?: 

All the new features and the amount of customization makes the Brine family my number one choice. I find most sites I work well on this template which is great cause it allows me to really get to know it.

What was the Client's Objective?: Marcie's top website objectives were to have an easy way for clients to book, to cut down on repetitive questions, and to show her prices so she didn't have to negotiate as much.

Tell us a bit about the design process?: Since my clients have built their businesses offline, like Marcie's healthcare background, they tend not to like tech. I avoid online forms and conduct a thorough discovery session on a call. I warn them we'll spend an hour or 2 with them telling me all about their business, processes, clients, and their competition. With this information, I create a strategy brief outlining the challenges, strategy, site plan, etc. This puts us both on the same page and gives them confidence that I know what I'm doing :-)

They follow up with their next steps while I get started on their branding, site graphics, and photo research. I usually present the logos and website styling together along with other mockups showing the logo in use. This gives them a much better sense of how the logo will work.

Once I have enough of the clients content I'll start building the site in Squarespace. I tend to restructure, edit or rewrite copy where necessary to make for more compelling or geared to our goals. Once I have enough in place I'll have the client look at it and send me extra bits and pieces I need. I like to book the build in one week to allow the client to leave space for the back and forth we need for approvals. Then I'll finish the site, do social media graphics, launch graphics, and any other collateral or marketing material they need.

How did you help the client differentiate their business through design?: When we first talked, Marcie wanted my opinion on a logo she was having done for a billboard she had booked. She had asked for a needle in her logo since that's a lot of what she does. But she was overlooking was what her clients were ultimately looking for - the results. Marcie's clients feel more confident, optimistic, comfortable with their looks, motivated to lose weight, and more outgoing after having her treatments. That's what her brand needed to represent.

I did this by giving her site the look and feel of a beauty blog. The large black and white images show a confident, happy woman, conveying how Marcie's customers will feel. The colours feel like makeup palettes of shadow and blush and the font is a magazine-style serif.

Is there custom development? What about custom added CSS? Can you tell us why you did or did not use these edits?: I tend to do very little CSS. I toy with it a little just to do small tweaks such as removing blog post dates or change font colours, but I find my clients aren't looking for bells and whistles – they just need a professional look that showcases their authority. Really good copy, images, and graphics can make such an impact on their own.

What are the top three creative features you used in the design?: One of the most important things in design that can be overlooked is the strategy. It's easy for us to get wrapped up in making pretty designs but knowing your client's special sauce and exactly who you're targeting is so important. Next was the copy - it was important for this site to get across Marcies warm and fun personality. It makes her customers feel so comfortable, they become brand advocates, and it sets her apart from her competition. I nudged (pushed) her to personalize her text more. And next was the images - a thorough image search was needed to find just the right look for an ageless, confident woman.

Anything else you want us to know about the site?: One of the things that made Marcie the happiest is the integration of Acuity Scheduling. She is so happy now that her clients can book and pay online for her and her staff. She can't believe how much time she's saving. She feels more legit and organized and it's also helping to build her business because people are returning more frequently now that they can book themselves. Even the men love it because they're reluctant to call or text for hair removal.


Designer: Bonnie from Bonnie Summerfeldt Design

Client's Site:   Pelham Medical Aesthetics